Great Nebraska

Naturalists and Scientists

NOU, Ruth Wilson, Letter, 1903, May 13

May 14 Rec’d
May 14 Ans’d
835 Lexington Ave.,
Hastings, Nebr.
May 12 – 03.

Prof. Lawrence Bruner, President
Nebraska Ornithologists Union
Lincoln, Nebr.

Dear Sir:-
I am very much interested in observing the appearance and habits of the numerous birds in this part of the state and in trying to identify them. The problem of identification has become a difficult one




in some cases, owing to the lack of a good manual or handbook. Could you suggest a book of this kind that would be available for the use of one who has had no scientific training in ornithology. I especially desire a work giving accurate descriptions of the appearances of all the birds found in this part of the country. Thinking that such information could be best obtained from a Nebraska ornithologist, I have addressed this inquiry to you, hoping that you will pardon my boldness. I shall be very grateful indeed for an answer to my question.
Very sincerely yours,
Ruth Wilson, University of Nebraska, ’00.