Great Nebraska

Naturalists and Scientists

NOU, S.R. Towne, Letter, 1903, May 2

Dr. S. R. Towne, President
Miss Joy Higgins, Secretary
The Omaha Audubon Society,
For the Protection of Birds
344 South Thirtieth Street
Omaha, May 2 1903
May 4 Rec’d May 4 Ans’d
Prof Bruner
My Dear Sir:
You may have noted that Rev. Mr. Craig acting as Dean at our Trinity Cathedral, has also been acting badly at in north part of state being found with some forty meadowlarks in his bag – was duly arrested and trial will come there May 8th. I may enclose you literature of his making on the subject. We wish here to encourage that prosecution. How does it strike you? The meadowlark we made our Omaha emblem for a letter 8000 of which go to our school children.
[Illegible] S. R. Towne