Great Nebraska

Naturalists and Scientists

NOU, Walter Thompson, Letter, 1905, July 5

JUL 10 Ans’d

Neligh, Nebr.
July 5, 1905.
Prof. L. H. Bruner,
Lincoln, Nebr.
Dear Sir:- I recieved your letter of the 1st. and thank you very much for your kind advice. I have written to the Department of Agriculture for their reports and papers and will send for the books immediately.
At the present time I am studying a book by









Comstock entitled, “How to know the Butterflies.”
I do not know Merrit Cary personally but am well acquainted with his family.
I enclose seventy-five ($.75) cents for your book “A Preliminary review of the birds of Nebraska with Synopses.”
Thanking you again for you kind advice I am
Yours truly,
Walter Thompson.