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NOU, William Dutcher, Letter, 1903, Dec. 21

American Ornithologists’ Union.
Founded 1883. Incorporated 1888.

William Dutcher, Chairman,
Protection Committee,
North American Birds, 525 Manhattan Avenue,
New York City.

Map showing (shaded) States having Audubon Societies.
Map showing (shaded) States which have adopted the A.O.U. model law protecting the non-game birds.

Jan 2 Ans’d

New York, Dec.21, 1903.

My dear Professor:
On the 9th of June last I forwarded to you electros of the Mourning Dove and Nighthawk for your use. Will you kindly return them as they are in great demand, and my supply of them is quite limited.
Yours truly,
Wm. Dutcher

Prof. Lawrence Bruner,
Univ. of Nebraska, Lincoln, Neb.