Great Nebraska

Naturalists and Scientists

NOU, Wilson Tout, Letter, 1905, Dec. 20

Nebraska Ornithologists Union.
Office of the President.

Wilson Tout, Dunbar, President.
Miss Agnes Dawson, Omaha, V. Pres.
Miss Anna Caldwell, Lincoln, Cor. Sec.
Myron H. Swenk, Lincoln, Rec. Sec.
F. H. Shoemaker, Omaha, Treas.
Prof. Lawrence Bruner, Lincoln.
Dr. Rob’t H. Walcott, Lincoln.
August Eiche, Lincoln Ex. Com

Dunbar Nebr. Dec. 20 1905.

O.K. Prof.

Lawrence Bruner

Dear Sir
I am sending out a number of letters of inquiry and have had the replies addressed
Pres. Nebr. Ornithologists Union
Lincoln Nebr.
Station A
If they reach your office please hold them for me. I will be in Lincoln Saturday of this week and shall call at the University for you.
Very truly,
Wilson Tout