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Naturalists and Scientists

NOU, Wilson Tout, Letter, Undated


Educational Committee:
Wilson Tout, Supt. City Schools, North Platte, Chairman.
Lawrence Bruner, University of Nebraska, Lincoln.
H.B. Duncanson, State Normal, Peru.
Miss Anna Caldwell, State Normal, Kearney.
Miss Caroline Stringer, High School, Omaha.

The Nebraska Ornithologist’s Union.
Devoted to the Study of the Birds of Nebraska.

To the Teachers of Nebraska:
The Nebraska Ornithologists Union is an organization of men and women of Nebraska which has for its object the study of the birds of the state. The Union has issued a number of publications to date and will continue to issue others from time to time. It has its meetings at a convenient place in Nebraska at some time during the first two weeks in May and has a two days session, studying the birds in the field and through lectures and specimens. It wishes to extend this work and to draw a larger number of the people of the state into closer relation with the bird life. With this in mind it offers the following plan of organized effort:

PLAN: These clubs are to be organized by the teachers in the schools of the state. The teacher will act as manager. At least twenty boys and girls must be enrolled before the club will recognized by the Union. The Club will select its own plans of organization although the Director will be glad to send copies of a model organization upon request. Also we will outline work to be carried on by the Clubs. Each Club will be required to make reports to the Director from time to time; at least once a year.

BENEFITS: Each Club will receive, postage paid, publications of the Nebraska Ornithologists Union which have been issued to date and those which will be issued during the coming year. Members of the Clubs and teachers who are managers of the Clubs may get any information on the birds of the state free by sending their inquiries to members of the Union who will be designated for that work. Birds will be identified from descriptions sent to the Director, without expense. Members of the Club will be entitled to enter the MayDay Bird Contests and any other contests held during the year. Valuable prizes are given for the winners of these contests. One pupil from each Club will be entitled to attend the Annual meeting of the N. O. U. as a delegate. Other members of the Clubs may attend and take the Field trips, etc. It is also planned to select some of the best specimens of mounted birds from some of the private collections of the members and loan these to the different clubs without cost, except the transportation charges from the last place they were used. These specimens will be, not the common birds which everyone knows but those which, while not very well known are found over the greater part of the state.

COST: The Cost will be at the rate of ten cents for each member. This amount must be sent with the application. Since the minimum number of members is twenty, the cost of organizing the club will be not less than two dollars.

Think over the benefits of this plan. There are many things which have not yet been worked out. You may see difficulties. Just write them to the Director and ask him any further questions. Dont delay the matter. Membership can be taken for only one year at a time and the present year will end with Febr. 1., 1911. You have been recommended to us as being interested in this work. We have you on our lists. If you cannot organize a club this year please write and tell us so and let us know just why, if it is any fault with the plan. Write any way.
Address the Director,
Wilson Tout, North Platte, Nebr.