Frank H. Shoemaker


Frank Shoemaker, a photographer and natural science enthusiast, spent as much time as he could surrounded by nature and studying the habits of the creatures he encountered. He preferred the outdoors to people, though he had close friendships and valuable colleagues. Through a lifetime of photography and record keeping, Shoemaker created a legacy that provides engaging and captivating resources.

Highlighted here are Shoemaker's 1911 trips with colleagues from the University of Nebraska to the Sandhills in the western part of Nebraska. He kept field notebooks and later turned them into narratives that told stories and recorded the activities and discoveries of the expedition. He included photographs that he took along the routes he and his companions explored. At the time Shoemaker explained, "The main object of the University expedition of 1911 into the pine ridge and sandhills region of Nebraska was a study of ecological conditions." (Sioux County Narrative, 1911, page 1) Today, Shoemaker's narratives tell a story that, along with his photographs, document and illustrate aspects of Nebraska's unique environmental history.

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